Kevin & Helen Honoré, Bright Hope World

Kevin and Helen work as the Field Directors with Bright Hope World (BHW,) a New Zealand based Christian Non Government Organisation (NGO.)

Bright Hope World partners with key Christian people in developing countries who are addressing issues of poverty and injustice. In their roles they oversee the development of existing partnerships in 5 fields and around 20 countries and the identification and development of new partnerships.

Kevin & Helen Honoré

Kevin & Helen Honoré

They do this in a number of ways:
1.    They visit some of the key countries each year
2.    They oversee a team of volunteers who facilitate partnerships in some of these countries
3.    They visit donors and organisations as required to tell the BHW story
4.    They speak at selected seminars and conferences
5.    They lead teams of key people to strategic locations and
6.    They interact with partners by various means

They have two adult children with grandchildren gradually adding to the clan.

You can check out the BHW website at 
They also have a blog which can be followed at

Phil & Jill Tait, SIM (Serving in Mission)

Phil is the Personnel Development Coordinator for SIM International, a mission agency working in 65 countries with the purpose of planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world. 

Phil’s ministry include:
1.    Writing materials and consulting with SIM offices to improve the training and preparation of new missionaries.
2.    Organise and coordinate training events for serving missionaries.
3.    Mentor and coach selected mission leaders through Skype calls.
4.    Direct a training programme for seminary and Bible College principals/directors in the majority world (seconded to Overseas Council in this role).
5.    Managing a website to make training materials available for missionaries and mission leaders (

Previously Phil and Jill have worked in Nigeria and Papua New Guinea in training and leadership roles. 

They have three adult daughters.

CMCT India (Christian Missions Charitable Trust) Soup Kitchen

God loves all people – those with lots of potential to those with little left.
CMCT serves those from one end of this spectrum to the other, Primary and Secondary schools, medical care and “Soup Kitchen” meals for women who are at a very challenging stage of their life.

OCC partners with CMCT to support their “Soup Kitchen” service where Staff from CMCT go out six days a week to the 6 soup kitchens to buy provisions and help in cooking a wholesome meal. A beautiful uplifting programme is conducted before each meal in a loving and caring environment. The staff of the kitchen develop a personal relationship with these people and follow up on each of them, especially if some have missed a few meals. It is very rewarding to feel the gratitude and appreciation from these people who have been given a new hope in life.  

The following services are also offered:

1.    Providing mid-day meals to thenon-mobile members of soup kitchen at their homes.
2.    Regular free medical checks, these include free consultation, diagnosis and treatment
3.    Offering individual and Family counselling based on the need
4.    Enhancing spiritual life through Bridge Gospel Church and Cottage meetings
5.    Issue of rations to the most deserving people
6.    Based on the need and as per the advice of the medical experts free hearing-aids and spectacles are provided and follow-up at regular intervals
7.    Initiating self-help groups (SHG) and skill development activities such as paper bag making.
8.    Referral services to reputed health service providing institutions which are being run by state and central governments and corporate sectors.

For more information about the Soup Kitchen and CMCT have a look at their website

Azam and Barbara Gill, Pakistan

Azam and Barbara and they have three children, Azar and Izia (boys) and Eliza. Azam gave his life to the Lord in 1987 and in 1991 joined Bible School in Pakistan. After that he trained for some time in the Philippines. The Gill family is well known and has served the community for many years, especially in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They have a heart for evangelism and see the need to provide training and education to the poor of the community

They both come from Christian backgrounds and are passionate about seeing communities transformed by the power of the Good News and the presence of local churches.

They lead a number of different ministries which include:

  1. Sewing Centres for young women so they can become financially self sufficient. They have run a number of these in the city and new ones will soon be commenced in rural Faisalabad.

  2. Azam and Barbara also oversee the BHW work in Pakistan. This has seen them building houses for flood victims and distributing relief to those people.

  3. Barbara has started a Christian school in the Wazir community, Islamabad. This has around 70 children and grows by about 25 each year.

  4. Azam is a church planter and has established 4 churches around Islamabad. He is also the chaplain at a leprosy hospital.

  5. Adult literacy classes for Christian adults who had to leave school young and who now are illiterate. This is in their local community and also far into rural Pakistan

William & Lavinia Maloveritaki, Burkina Faso

William and Lavinia are Fijian nationals living in Burkina Faso. They seek to develop relationships and evangelise with the Fulani (nomadic Moslem) people.