Emerge started when a partnership was formed between our Ladies Craft Club at OCC and a group of ladies in New Delhi, India. The purpose is to Give, Nourish & Restore Life to underprivileged  women, by using the skills and resources that we have available to us, in real & practical ways.

Some of these women have already been taught to make clothes/garments and that in itself has turned their lives around. We were invited to come alongside these women to teach them how to sew/quilt saleable items to bring money into their households.

In February 2019 a team went over to India to teach again. This was the third Team to go to India for this reason. They team taught 60    tutors in three centres. The tutors came from different parts of India to learn, then they go back to their centres and teach the girls from extremely poor backgrounds, so their lives can be transformed.