India Trip 2015

The purpose of this trip to India was to form a partnership between our craft club in Orewa and a group of ladies in Delhi, India who are trying to provide skills for women from the slum areas with the purpose to transform their lives from extreme poverty to providing for their families. 

Some of these women have already been taught to make clothes/garments and that in itself has turned their lives around. We were invited to come alongside these women to teach them how to quilt saleable items to bring money into their households.

In October 2015, Glenys Cooper, Rosalind Martin, Brenda Shute and Chrissy Martin from the OCC Craft Club went to India to share the crazy patchwork technique, enabling the women to make saleable baby quilts, cushion covers, bags & purses, toys, book covers ...the list is endless.


A note from the team..

Glenys, Chrissy, Roz & Brenda say a huge THANK YOU to you all for your wonderful generosity towards the project in India. Thanks for all the cards you made, the sewing you did, the fabrics and goodies you supplied, the flowers you crocheted and of course the money donated. You are fantastic!! We were so proud to take your greetings over to the women we met. 

We made close to 180 bags to take over as kits for the ladies… We returned quite exhausted, but it was hugely rewarding for us all. 

Thanks again to all of you!   Glenys, Chrissy, Roz & Brenda. 


Here are some of the bags we made to put the individual quilt packs in for the ladies...