Orewa Community Church (OCC) is a Bible believing, family focused Church with an Open Brethren Background. We are passionate about living out our Christian Faith together and making a meaningful difference in our community.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is that Orewa Community Church be a dynamic, caring community, where ordinary people are being shaped by God to become agents of transformation in the world.

Our Purpose & Identity:

In love and unity we exist to:

  • Radiate God's love to the people of the Hibiscus Coast and beyond, so that they come to know Jesus as Lord and a lifelong friend.

  • Provide a nurturing environment where we are led to Christ-like maturity.

  • Equip us all to make effective use of our God-given gifts for our service in the church and the world.

  • Magnify God through Genuine worship In every part of our lives.

  • Be a Community where all can belong and to be encouraged in our Christian faith.

Who's Who:

Our aim is to see all people working within their giftings to grow God's kingdom within the Hibiscus Coast.

We believe that spiritual gifts were given to all believers for the building up of the church (the people) and for reaching out to our community.

OCC operates through a team leadership structure that consists of Elders, Pastors and Ministry Leaders.


  • Eddie Allen

  • Blair Beaumont

  • Dave Bradley (chairman)

  • Murray Cooper

  • Ted Osborne

  • Graham Wallace


  • Murray Cooper - Lead Pastor

  • Cherie Wallace - Family & Outreach Pastor

Ministry Leaders:

Family & Care Team - Murray Cooper & Cherie Wallace

Programming Team - Shelley Beaumont

Support Team - Rosalind Martin

Global Missions Team - Kevin Honoré

Finance Team - Graham Wallace

Music & Worship Team - Murray Cooper

Connect Groups - Eddie & Anne Allen

Youth & PACE - Marina Shannon

Office Administrators:

  • Shelley Beaumont 

  • Rosalind Martin