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'Always read the label' Mother's Day Service

‘Always read the label’ Join us for a great morning as we celebrate Mother's day.

-Special Morning Tea-

Over the years we have all pick up ‘labels’ , some of these labels we wear are not so easily removed. Branded in your heart and engraved on the walls of your mind lay these horrible names. Names and labels we were called or even assumed. Soon enough, we begin believing these lie’s and names. they become the thoughts we thing and the beliefs we carry, seeping deep into the patterns of our lives. We allow these labels to define us, change us, and place limits on us.

Let’s not forget our identity, ‘whose’ we are and who we were created to be!

If we are to recognise our original, TRUE names, we must retrain our mind. Break up with the voices inside labeling us with these lies. Because to the Father YOU ARE…Accepted, Beautiful, Chosen, Dearly loved, Forgiven….Enough!

In Christ we have been given new, Truth-filled, life-giving labels to wear.